Legal and Socio-Labor Audit

Asemon Consultors conducts legal audits in labor matters

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We carry out exhaustive analyzes of the degree of fulfillment of labor and Social Security obligations by companies.

We carry out exhaustive analyzes of the degree of compliance with labor and Social Security obligations by companies.

Analyze and review the legal-labor situation of a company is essential to assume if an effective and correct management of human resources is being carried out, providing reliable data for decision-making.

It is about making a legal radiography of the work reality and Social Security of the company.
The socio-labor audit can provide us with information on strategic matters or at an operational level:

• Effective view of jobs

• Study of methods and times of jobs

• Verification of a correct employment contract

• Adequacy of employees and their jobs.

• Valuation of our company’s labor management before third parties

• Change approaches that correspond to the current reality of the company

• Provide procedures to contribute to the objectives of the organization

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