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Asemon Consultors, has focused all its efforts on consolidating this area of ​​practice of the company

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Our goal is to promote Mediation, we try that the solution to conflicts is not imposed by another person who decides for us.

In Mediation this does not happen, the conflict exists the same but here you have an opportunity to resolve your dispute, where a neutral person, called mediator , acts to facilitate the communication of those involved and thereby reach the resolution of that conflict and where it is always the affected parties who will decide how they want the agreement.
Mediation is voluntary, confidential, , has equal opportunities and always based on dialogue.

In Mediation the decision making is in the hands of the participants and the mediator assists them, facilitates the dialogue, so that they try to build new alternatives and be able to reach a future solution.

We seek that the results be positive for the parties without forgetting the need for privacy and confidentiality that the process requires.

When is mediation necessary?

Mediation is basically used in situations of need for continued relationships and when looking for a more effective and collaborative relationship between the parties, always prioritizing privacy. It can be used at any time of the disagreement and can relaunch negotiations between the parties, since they are the ones who will propose the solution to their differences. Benefits that are obtained.

• Faster and more economical than the judicial procedure.

• Decisions are made by the parties, never imposed by the mediator.

• The mediators ensure that the treatment between the parties is equal without the imposition of one on others.

• Preserves the relationship between the parties, reduces the emotional cost, decreases the anxiety and discomfort that is generated by the conflict.

• Resolves conflicts in an appropriate way, guaranteeing a better quality of life, giving priority to good faith among the participants.

• Agreements reached in mediation have a high level of compliance.

• The Mediation and the Courts are complementary, if an agreement in Mediation is not reached, the door to the Courts is always open.

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