Labor Management Consulting

External advice to Human Resources departments

Asemon Consultors </ span> </ strong>, specializes in the outsourcing of labor management </ strong> of Spanish SMEs </ span>

This service implies the reduction of costs and personnel </ span>, greater flexibility, transfer of responsibility, possibility of dedicating more time and efforts in the core Business </ em> of the company .

Likewise is specialized in external advice </ strong> to the departments of Human Resources </ span> of companies over 200 workers

In this sense, strategic outsourcing </ em> is becoming increasingly important, both in SMEs and in large companies. </ Span>

Asemon Consultors offers its clients all the experience and knowledge acquired in the last 20 years.

Asemon Consultors has more than 3000 employees and 200 companies in Spain. </ blockquote>

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Services in Labor Consultancy </ p>
We help you outsource to be able to dedicate yourself to your business


Servicios de gestión de nóminas


Negociaciones colectivas


Mediación en Conflictos Laborales


Asesoría laboral externa


Arbitrajes y litigios


Peritaje Judicial


Restructuraciones empresariales


Procedimientos contencioso - administrativos


Consultoría de organización


Auditoria laboral


Formación en gestión laboral

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